That's me!

About me

My name is Nick Selensky. I'm an aspiring web designer, copywriter and an illustrator. I wonder what's behind my back... ಠ⌣ಠ

Some personal info

I was born in Moscow, Russia, in the year when Google was founded and on the day when Apple I was created. As they say, time really does fly, and I'm in the process of witnessing this phenomenon. 
Currently, I'm stationed in a small town somewhere in East Anglia, waiting for the right moment to take a strike at my never-ending list of dreams.

Doing my second year of A-levels; studying Art, English Language, Computing and Russian (as a native language).

Most of all, I enjoy doing illustrative pieces of work. I like to open my Moleskine in the evening and blurt out all the stuff that's going on in my head. Mmhm, especially making patterns out of lines, so therapeutic.
I also like writing. I have a blog where I post various stuff on a weekly basis.

I also like making lists.

List of things that I'm crazy about:

  • Graphic Design/Illustration - Making art is what I do best. It is what I love the most, the time when I doodle on plain paper in black and white, earphones in my head, not caring about the rest of the world, just blurting out the multitude of ideas that come to my head.

  • Wood engraving - I have become acquainted with this art niche when I began exploring ideas for my A-level Art exam. I fell in love immediately, after being inspired by artists like Dürer and Doré.

  • Photography - Since the age of 5, when I made a pretend-camera out of cardboard, I always had an urge to take photographs. When I was 13, I got my first-ever professional DSLR, and from that moment on, I have been building up a portfolio of thousands of photos, only some to be selected to be shown here.

  • Swimming - Apart from the fact that it's very beneficial for one's overall health and the fact that I love swimming as hell, there's nothing much to say.

  • Cycling - By far, the best way to spend a warm, clear Saturday afternoon.

  • Web Development - When it comes to ordering domains, configuring the DNS and getting a VPS up and running, I'm the man. I do it as a hobby and have accumulated a number of websites, experience with hosting providers that range from 000Webhost to Mediatemple (mt).

  • Piano - Playing the piano since the innocent prepubescent years. I have officially achieved a Grade 3 with distinction, although the pieces that I play now are much more complex - Schubert's Serenade (Ständchen), Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Mozart's K545. I'm thinking of completing Grade 5, some day.

List of websites that I own and look after: